Tom Wood

Director of Information Technology


Tom was promoted to Director of IT in 2020, after 22 years of service at Southeastern Container. During his tenure, Tom served as the department manager of Information Services, overseeing ten employees responsible for everything from programming in multiple languages to maintaining server farms to providing outstanding user support. Prior to coming to SEC, Tom served in the US Navy for ten years as an electronics technician. Tom remembers being part of the first US fleet in the Black Sea after Russia fell.


Tom attended two-year Advanced Electronics/Electrical schooling in the US Navy, setting the stage for his future career. Tom went on to earn an Associate’s degree in programming, and later earned his Bachelor degree in IT Management.


Tom enjoys reading and audible books, reading and listening to over 1500 titles to date. Tom is the proud parent of a son and a daughter, and enjoys spending time with his pets and staying healthy through a holistic lifestyle.

Favorite Drink:

Fairlife Core Power